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Adf.Ly Download

We now have over 1, 00 members and growing.

The old site, will remain open for previewing magazine content and general comments.

Feb 1, I use Adfly mostly for downloading. They accept all countries and pay the same amount per click to all countries You can withdraw instantly the

Go to if you don't like the forum.

I've uploaded all I have for last month.

I'm sure many of you have noticed that starting yesterday, I have removed Adfly links from Downloads.

Thank you so much to every who has registered since the forum opening.

I will not post download links on this site, I don't want my links to be deleted.

Also, I have completed uploading all Octobermagazines.

For all magazines titles, you must remain a member here on Zasshina or register for full access.

5 days ago. Download Sphax PureBDcraftfor Minecraft Download Sphax. The 16x download through adfly shows File Not Found. Halp?

I am currently uploading Septembermagazines and post them when I finish.

Please invite your friends and share the forum.

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There are few missing because I don't have them, so please don't request them.

Adf.Ly Download

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